Camp PolyHacks 2019 Competition

This month, Camp PolyHacks took place, and this is anything but your typical camping experience. Forget the food, tents, and wood. Instead, bring your creativity and maybe a hipster, hacker, and a hustler with you on this two day trip at the SLO Hot House. From January 18-19, 2019, GrC students competed in the Camp PolyHacks. Within the team, there were three different types of positions. There were “hustlers”, who ran the business side of the hackathon. There were “hackers”, who ran the actual hacking side of the hackathon. And there were “hipsters”, who were in charge of the design aspect of the hackathon. Within the team there were 8 different organizers, so everyone was able to have their own job. GrC students on the team, like Emily Ticknor, stated that her role was that she “provided proof of the concept, helped refine it, edited the elevator pitch, and made sure our team was going to deliver our project on time with a clear, concise and actionable application.”

Camp PolyHacks welcomes, “Cal Poly students of all background to work in teams to ideate, design, pitch, and market their solution to a problem facing the community. It’s a Learn by Doing marathon of collaboration, learning, and creativity.” Over the 48 hours, students find ways to solve problems in 1 of 3 trails: sustainability, education, and inclusivity. 

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