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Gordon Rivera

April Elliott


Contact Information

  • Office: 26-221B
  • Phone: 805-756-1108
  • Email: gorivera@calpoly.edu
  • Virtual Office Hours: By Appointment and By Email


  • GrC 224 Binding, Finishing & Distribution Processes
  • GrC 320 Managing Quality in Graphic Communication
  • GrC 411 Strategic Trends & Costing Issues - Print & Digital



A GrC Cal Poly alumnus, Gordon Rivera also earned his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, and G7 Print Professional Certification. His favorite part about teaching is seeing the “Ah ha” moment when a student is tracking with the instructor, and also getting to work with really smart and interesting people.

When Gordon was a broker in San Francisco in the 90s, he led a stationery project for Robin Williams production company, Blue Wolf. All products were printed in 5 PMS spot colors which had to register to an engraved graphic that was also later embossed. Very complicated, but beautiful.

Professional Work

His specialty is applying engineering methods of quality control into graphic communication processes. The highlight of his career was having the opportunity to present at Graph Expo over the last few years has been a highlight in my career. His teaching and research interests are operational efficiency and solution engineering in Graphic Communication. Check out his portfolio on LinkedIn! https://www.linkedin.com/in/gordon-rivera-91768a7/

Fun fact, Gordon enjoys fishing in the ocean and gardening at home.


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