Graphic Communication Tribal Council Held October 26

Hey Students! A Tribal Council meeting was held on October 26th. 

During the meeting with the GrC constituency (or otherwise known as the Tribe), three appointed GrC student members of the GrC Advisory Board presented on all the work they have been doing for the department this past calendar year. Among growing a student mentor program, they have also assisted in planing an upcoming GrC Junior Alumni Advisory Gathering in order to seek input on curriculum, job placement, and skill enhancement. The Tribal Council was formed to provide a quarterly voice to students within the major. The meetings are scheduled usually in the middle of every quarter, so please look for the announcement of the next meeting and schedule it in your calendar. Each student representative serves a one-year term that begins every January.

Interested in joining Tribal Council? The GrC Student Advisory Board Representatives are now taking Tribal Council applications.

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