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GrC students win the third annual Xplor International

Between April 23-25, Cal Poly Graphic Communication students win the third annual Communication Design Competition, Xplor International in Las Vegas, Nevada. This competition tests the team's ability to design for real life applications– in this case, redesigning a bill statement into a variety of different interactive forms.

Team members, Mika Arie, Michaela Kwan and Yenna Chen won based off their team presentation and design.

Mika says on this experience, “The idea of transforming a plain bill statement into a user accessible modern bill statement, a mobile app, and a website was intimidating at first; however, through this experience, I found my new passion for UX/UI and made lots of connections in the graphic communication industry. Xplor is a unique opportunity everyone should try because it challenges yourself and what you’ve learned in class.”

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