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Discipline Highlights

Graphic Communication graduates leave Cal Poly with a diverse set of skills. While they all develop a base knowledge in print technology, they also have opportunities  to develop a working understanding in many related fields. The following "one sheets" showcase the kinds of skills our graduates acquire and the companies that are hiring them.

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User Experience and User Interface Design

User experience is a key component of business and product success. Creating positive user interactions requires the skills and experience to conduct meaningful research, interface designs, and creative prototypes.

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Design Reproduction Technology

Design Reproduction Technology links design and technology, but it is not the study or practice of graphic design. It involves ensuring that a design is produced and then managed in ways that are optimal for its application.

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Graphic Communication Management includes all facets of running companies involved in new and traditional media. This includes all segments of the printing industry such as prepress, press, and post press for commercial printing, publication printing, packaging, and related areas.

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Cal Poly Graphic Communication students excel in packaging because we teach more than just the engineering or design aspects of packaging. We have well-rounded students who gain experience with materials, structures, and design in lecture.

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Cal Poly Graphic Communication students have a well-rounded understanding of the importance of typography as it relates to industry and design. Typography is the core of all communication; it’s how we make information attractive and legible.

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