International Graphic Communication Week 2019

Young Brian Lawler, a woman who knew her heart was at Disney since 6, and a couple of tips from Adobe made this International Graphic Communication week one to remember!

A year ago, Brian Lawler received a mysterious box with many photos from the GrC department 50 years ago. Lawler recollected his memories of being a student and the laughs, the tears, and the special people that came with it. Photos ranged from Lawler in TAGA, to the bindery sink (when it was clean), and a host of other photos from awards, ceremonies, and tours at the Shakespeare Press Museum.

Kayla McCarty was 6 years old when she told her dad she was going to work for Disney, and 20 years later Kayla is a marketing manager for the Walt Disney Company based in Orlando, FL. After graduating from the Graphic Communication department in 2015 with a concentration in Design Reproduction Technology, Kayla moved to Orlando and has since worked in creative, communications/social media, strategy, and project management roles at Disney. (Taken from GrC dept)

Sephora’s Internal Branding team, Project Manager, Victoria Chau was also another GrC alumna. Chau graduated in 2014, with a concentration in Design Reproduction Technology and minor in photography. Chau spoke about how always saying “yes” can lead you to learning things you never thought you would be doing. Chau also stated that she still using her GrC skills in her current work with Sephora.

Lastly, principal scientist, Dov Isaacs from Adobe spoke on lies your printer has told you. He covered a brief analysis of some of the root causes and issues behind those “lies.”

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