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2014 Printing Week logo

Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department will celebrate International Printing Week from Jan. 27 to January 31 with a lecture series, banquet, and career fair—thanks to industry sponsors who are committed to an innovative industry and to the prospective students who will lead its’ future.

Sponsors for this year’s extravaganza include Adobe, Digital Technology Associates, EFI, Esko, Konica, Kodak, Ricoh, RR Donnelley, SAGE Publications and Utah Paperbox.

International Printing Week commemorates Benjamin Franklin and his contributions to society and promotes the importance of today’s printing and publishing industry. The theme of this year’s International Printing Week is “The Future of Graphic Communication.” An industry that has evolved with great change and is constantly attempting to “redefine itself” with new and innovative technologies, the five-day program delve into these changes by hosting several themed days that include:
Monday 1/27 • Business and Printing Technology Day
Tuesday 1/28 • Design and Web Media Day
Wednesday 1/29 • Packaging and Printed Electronics Day
Thursday 1/30 • Alumni and Advisory Board Day
and the week will end on Friday 1/31 with a comprehensive career fair known as GrC Career Day.

A banquet will follow Thursday’s activities at the world-famous Madonna Inn located in San Luis Obispo. The keynote address will be given by Ms. Michele Sordi, Vice President of Editorial, SAGE Publications. Her talk will delve into the future of printed textbooks, scholarly publications and periodicals, and a look into SAGE’s advancements into the future of e-Media. An intelligent, well-spoken, renown, and frequent speaker, Ms. Sordi will certainly entertain and inform everyone who attends the banquet.

Organizations from around the nation can display and interview graphic communication students during Graphic Communication Career Day.