20x20 Internship Presentations

The 20x20 Internship presentations were held on November 9th, 2017. These presentations were based on the Pecha Kucha presentation style where there is a total of 20 slides and each presenter gets 20 seconds to speak.

Some of the presenters were Hope Moseley, Sydney Clark, Jennifer Jones, Emily Anderson, Michaela Purcilly, Ray Morita, Kelsey Biggins, and Jillian Keplinger. A patagonia internship was spoken about which sparked interest in many of the students. Each presenter had to answer three different questions. The questions were: How did you find out about the internship? What did you do in the internship? What was your role at the internship? These presentations are very informative and helpful for students that are looking for internships. If you weren’t able to make this presentation, there will be plenty more since this event happens three times a year. Make sure to attend the next event!

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