Real World in Real Classes

The Graphic Communication department is, and has always been, very attentive to industry. With faculty attending numerous conferences worldwide and even hosting a few ourselves, we're always looking for a way to integrate current standards and specs into our current workflows and teachings. That being said, our connections we've built over the years with companies ranging in everything from AdMail to Xerox has resulted in a strong flow of well educated students entering the workforce.

Advisory Board

Fortunately for our department, we've been honored with a large assortment of industry professionals on our advisory board. Throughout the years they've been available to for their keen insight as to the future of the Graphic Communication department, as well as able to attend a number of our events here on campus, taking time to chat with faculty and students alike.


Recent grad? Industry? Looking to hire some of the nation's top notch students in Graphic Communication technology and techniques? Learn more about advertising jobs to Graphic Communication students.

Want to meet our students face to face? Come to our GrC Career Day during Fall and Winter quarters, and spend the day meeting with them, enjoying a complementary lunch, and ending the afternoon with being given time to interview potential candidates. 

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