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Cal Poly's Graphic Communication curriculum is recognized as one of the premier programs in the United States. Many of the department's over 2,500 alumni are now working in high-level technological, managerial, and design technology positions for some of the nation's best known and most successful graphic arts corporations.

GrC Alumni Chapter

Officially recognized and affiliated with the Cal Poly Alumni Association since January, 2003, the GrC Alumni Chapter is inviting you to become a member of an exciting group formed to provide interaction and information between alumni and students of the Graphic Communication Department at Cal Poly. Click here to learn more.

Distinguished Alumni

The Honored Alumni Award is the highest honor bestowed upon Cal Poly alumni by the University's Alumni Association. GrC alumni Brian P. Lawler and Mark A. Coudray are among these honored individuals.

Cal Poly Alumni Network

Find several services and resources for keeping in contact with the college and other alumni here.

Looking for employees?

Current Alumni looking to hire a future GrC grad? If you would like to submit a job opportunity, please use our Job Database submission form to directly target students and be assured visibility. Don't forget our GrC Career Day during our Fall and Winter quarters, where you can our students face to face, and conduct proper interviews.

Interested in presenting to our faculty and students?

Consider presenting at International Printing Week with a lecture series, banquet, and GrC Career Day. For more information feel free to email Korla Mcfall

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