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What is Graphic Communication?

Founded in 1946, Cal Poly's Graphic Communication Department represents one of the best-known programs of its kind in the nation. The discipline includes media and mass communication involving the creation, production, management and distribution of advertising, marketing, web sites, books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, packages and other media in printed and digital form.

Why Major in Graphic Communication?

Graduates are in high demand by leading national and international corporations.The field of Graphic Communication represents a large profession, one of the largest in the world. The profession embraces change, requiring those pursuing graphic communication careers to learn new and diverse skills. Graphic Communication includes varying fields such as: electronic and traditional printing, publishing, packaging, digital imaging, computer graphics, website development, digital photography, printable electronics and related areas.

What concentrations are there in Graphic Communication?

As mentioned above, GrC is abundant with a variety of subject matter, which is well met with our variety of classes; and while there is a overarching curriculum which is mandatory for GrC students, after concentrating students' classes vary to a great degree. Take a look at our concentrations here.

What are the current course offerings?

Click here to see Tentative Course Offering.

What other Opportunities does Cal Poly Graphic Communication offer?

Considered joining a club? Graphic Communication is always bustling with things to do and people to see, but sometimes its hard to find your niche or a way to jump into the action. Get involved!

How do I apply?

Application details can be found on the Admission Office's Undergraduate page. Click here.

GrC Happenings! 

Be sure you access the folder shared with you by the Department Office. If you don't have the link, email Michelle Godfrey at mrgodfre@calpoly.edu 


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