First Cal Poly GrC Junior Alumni Advisory Gathering

GrC Alumni who graduated between 2000 and 2017 were invited for the first GrC Junior Alumni Advisory Gathering held at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hot House in downtown San Luis Obispo on Saturday morning of November 4th.

The purpose of the gathering was to gather insight into the professional development and placement of this cohort after having graduated from Cal Poly with a GrC degree. The discussions were centered around curriculum past, present and future—as well as—what the jobs of today and tomorrow will look like for present and future graduates. Dr. Ken Macro, Chair of the GrC Department said, “I find it extremely beneficial to have insight from recent graduates as to where they are finding employment, what their roles are within their parent organizations, and what GrC skills they deem necessary for the success of future graduate for GrC.”

Dr. Ken Macro and Dr. Malcolm Keif, both of the GrC Department facilitated the gathering and hope to continue the event every year. 

“We would like to attract more GrC alumni for the next gathering in November, 2018,” Said Dr. Malcolm Keif. There may also be another Gathering scheduled in January 2018, please check out the GrC Alumni Chapter website for updated information; or, contact Ken Macro at

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