GRC Professor Brian Lawler Presents Bishop Peak Project

Graphic Communication’s professor Brian P. Lawler will be making a brief presentation of his year long photography project of Bishop’s Peak. The reception will be held on January 23rd at 6pm on the third floor near Room 370 in the Baker Science Center.

Professor Lawler was inspired by the scenery he enjoys each day while riding his bike to Cal Poly and the various moods and personas of Bishop’s Peak. He created a weatherproof box with a camera inside that took photos every 5 minutes from 5am to 9pm everyday. In total, there were about 700,000 photos which were later narrowed down to 365 for the calendar up on display in the Baker Science Center. Each of the photo panels were printed on aluminum and cut by Lawler himself.

“Bishop Peak is 1,559 feet tall. It stands for beauty, solidity, and acts as a citadel for the city of San Luis Obispo. I’m thrilled to present these photos to Cal Poly and to the citizens of San Luis Obispo.” – Brian P. Lawler

The project was made possible by funding from the College of Science and Mathematics and support from Dean Emeritus Phil Bailey and Associate Dean Derek Gragson. Others who were instrumental in the project include: Eric Johnson, Rob Brewster, Emma Wilson, Doug Brewster, D.K. Philbin, Dale Kohler, Sarah Sayeed, Emi Youngquist, Patrick Kammermeyer, Bryn Forbes, and Jim Eckford.

Read more about Professor Lawler’s process on his blog.

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