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Raymond J. Prince Graphic Arts Collection

Harvey in resource roomThe Graphic Communication Department has been honored and privileged to become the resource for the graphic communication industry’s collection of historical and current publications. This is to benefit all of us in the Department—the students, the faculty, the staff, and even visitors from industry. The collection comes from all over the nation and includes books, magazines, journals, research papers, and more. Some are one of a kind and very valuable. Some date back to the 1800s.

You will find a complete set of TAGA journals, a complete set of Graphic Arts Monthly magazines, a complete set of American Printer magazines, and much more.

The collection was contributed by industry leaders. Designating Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department as the custodian of the collection was inspired and supported by industry icon Mr. Raymond J. Prince.

The purpose of the collection is to inspire and support research for Senior Projects, technical and management papers, and to keep in front of all of us at Cal Poly and our visitors the rich tradition and history of the graphic communication profession, a profession that all of you will soon be part of.

The Honor System Must Prevail

We trust your integrity and honesty, and we are entrusting you to look after and protect this valuable collection, and to make sure that no one abuses it. Therefore:

No publication is to leave the Resource Room.

You may refer to the publications but only in the Resource Room.

If, for any reason you feel the need to remove a publication from the room, you may do so only under the supervision of a faculty advisor and you must complete a form noting the name and date of the publication, where you are taking it, and when you will be returning it. Your faculty advisor will also have to sign her or his approval. Forms are available in the GrC office.

There will be consequences for anyone misusing, abusing, or violating the collection in any way. This includes a hold on records and even a recommendation of suspension from the university. Under the Honor System it is expected that any student who sees or knows of another student violating the collection must report the violation to a faculty member or to the Graphic Communication Department office. Anonymous reporting will be acceptable.

Again, this important collection is for the students, the faculty, the staff, and for use by industry visitors. Please respect it and protect it. We are privileged to have it.

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