Graphic Communication is always bustling with things to do and people to see, but sometimes its hard to find your niche or a way to jump into the action. Feel free to take a little time here to look at some of the clubs and other services that can help you either establish your footing here in GrC, or help you find your calling.

Mat Pica Pi (MPP)

Interested in becoming a part of the GrC Tribe? Join Mat Pica Pi, a social/service club built on the premise of meeting other GrCer's and getting more familiar with our department. Learn more here.

Creative Media Development (CMD)

Considered learning web development, photography, videography and many other digital skills? CMD is a club built to help peers educate peers on current industry web development and media standards in a social learning environment. Learn more here.

Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA)

Yearning to get out there and partake in industry tours, listen to guest speakers, do workshops, and attend social events that enhance their educational experience, give TAGA a shot. Learn more here.

Shakespeare Press Museum

Curious in the age old practice of setting type and working with letterpress equipment? Shakespeare Press Museum can help ignite your passion for printing. Learn more here.

University Graphic Systems (UGS)

Trying to find a senior project to get you involved? UGS may be the perfect blend of individualized focus and teamwork that you're looking for. Learn more here.

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