Students FAQ

Students Frequently Asked Questions

Which companies are coming?

Look for lists posted around the GrC Department the week of Career Day and look for an email sent to your Cal Poly email address.

How should I dress?

Professional attire is always recommended, especially if interviewing. Even if you are planning on coming just to "check it out", you re encouraged to interact with the employers. Hence, a reasonable appearance is advised.

What should I bring?

  • Resume
  • Business Cards
  • Anything that will sell yourself to the company


Findings of the report titled “The Role of Higher Education in Career Development: Employer Perceptions” include the following:

  • 78% of employers will consider any major. Only 19% of employers look for specific majors and do not consider candidates without them
  • Work experience (particularly internships and other work during school) is more important to employers than academic credentials, including GPA, and college major
  • An internship is the single most important credential for recent college graduates to have on their resume
  • Most interviewers value extracurricular activities, like professional clubs, athletics and service, more than GPA
  • The skills employers find most lacking in job candidates are written and oral communication skills, adaptability, managing multiple priorities, making decisions, and problem solving
  • Employers want students to improve their knowledge of the organization and industry to which they are applying, and should do a better job of interviewing

The most important consideration in the hiring process is experience, not major. Internships, related work experience and leadership are just as, or more, important for our students than those with more linear career paths. Please encourage (or continue to encourage) your students to take advantage of Career Services early to plan field-based experience into their academic journey - whether or not required by their major.

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