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Are you curious when you should see your advisor? Do you know the steps YOU need to take prior to graduation? What is a waiting list and how can I get on one? This page may provide some insight on some of your questions. This page is NOT intended to replace your advising sessions with your GrC faculty advisor. Please see your advisor every quarter!

Interested in transferring to GrC? Read more here.

Advisor Approved Electives

Advisor approved electives are determined by your catalog year and concentration. Your GrC advisor can help you figure out how best to utilize the specific electives to enrich your educational experience and maximize your units. The Advisor Approved Electives form should be submitted four (4) quarters prior to graduation, but you should check with your GrC advisor early in your college career to assure you're on track. If you do not know who your GrC advisor is, please check in the GrC office.

Student Forms

2015-2017 Concentration Statement

2017-2019 Concentration Statement

2019-2020 Concentration Statement

Substitutions for Major and Support Courses

This GrC form is a 2-page form and must be attached to the 3-part "Substitution for Major or Support Courses" form which can be obtained from the GrC office or Cal Poly's Records Office (01-222). Please follow each of the steps on the first page, then fill out the top section of the second page.

Course Substitution Form PDF

Tentative Course Offerings

This chart lists the TENTATIVE offerings for courses in the Graphic Communication Department over the next academic year. The latest version always replaces earlier listings, please keep the most current version in your student folder. Please consult with your academic advisor for more information.

Click here for Tentative Course Offerings

GrC Scheduling Worksheet

This worksheet will help you see into the future! Visit your GrC advisor, they have insight to your future priorities.

GrC Scheduling Worksheet PDF

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