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In addition to the core Graphic Communication classes students take over their time here at Cal Poly, students specialize in distinct areas of study called concentrations. Graphic Communication has 4 areas of concentration: Design Reproduction Technology, UX/UI, Graphic Communication Management, and Graphics for Packaging. We also provide the option for students to create their own Individualized Course of Study with their faculty advisor.

When can I apply for my concentration?

Design Reproduction Technology Concentration

To apply for (or switch to) the Design Reproduction Technology concentration you must have four full quarters remaining before graduation.

For those applying to DRT, know that you will be required to attach one PDF with 3-5 quality samples of your current work to show evidence of your technical/design ability. 

UX/UI Concentration

To apply for the UX/UI Concentration you must have four full quarters remaining before graduation.


Applications for freshmen are accepted during the first, second and third weeks of their 4th quarter (excluding Summer quarters) at Cal Poly — generally Fall quarter of their Sophomore year. 

Transfer Students

Applications for transfer students are accepted during the first, second and third weeks of their 1st quarter (excluding Summer quarters) as a Graphic Communication major


The application is now on online process!  Applications are accepted the first, second and third weeks of Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter. 

Beginning Monday, January 3, 2021 you can apply for your concentration if you are eligible. Applications will close on January 21, 2021 at 4:30pm. 


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