Major Curriculum

The Graphic Communication Department prepares its students for a variety of careers including everything from printing to publishing; as well as and packaging and other digital implementations. Pairing hands-on experience with general education courses provides students with a broad grasp of the industry and its climate. Click here to learn more.

Minor Curriculum

Students in the minor program will gain a competitive edge by in any working environment, learning the concepts of computer programs, desktop publishing, typography, as well as printing and publishing applications. Click here to learn more.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Minor

Cal Poly’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) minor is a carefully-crafted blend of journalism, graphic communication, and marketing courses. Click here to learn more.

Tentative Course Offerings

Concerned that you won't be able to catch a GrC course this Fall? Maybe it'll be back in the Spring, but don't take any chances when you can avoid it. Click here to view the current Tentative Course Offerings

Senior Project

Concerned that you don't know how to get your Senior Project started? Click here to learn more.

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