Student Computer Needs for GrC Students

GrC is a diverse field comprising both creative and management positions. As such, GrC students are expected to know both macOS and Windows operating systems and have access to either computing environment. Extensive use of macOS is used in the Design Reproduction Technology concentration, UX/UI concentration, and lower division GrC core classes. Windows applications are used in the Graphic Communication Management Concentration and several upper division GrC core classes. 

Incoming GrC students are encouraged to purchase an Apple computer such as the MacBook Pro. Laptops are particularly desirable for their portability 

Laptop recommended specifications can be found here

GrC students will be introduced to various software programs as they progress through their coursework. A subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud (CC) is highly recommended once the student begins taking the computer related courses (GRC 201, 203, 301, 318, etc.). Cal Poly students can subscribe to Adobe's Creative Cloud for $29.99 a year through the university website.

Cal Poly's University Store offers discounts for students; check their web site for more information. 

A Word About Email 

Cal Poly provides a free email account to every student. Use of this account is required, even if you also maintain an off-campus account. Cal Poly email will be used by faculty, the Graphic Communication Department and the University as an official means of communicating with you. Make it a habit to check your account regularly, or have it forwarded to your off-campus account.

Electronic Publishing Lab

The Electronic Publishing Laboratory (EPL) is open to GrC students and is equipped with 18 iMacs with the latest versions of the software. EPL Open Hours are announced during the first week of Fall, Winter and Spring quarters (closed during Summer quarter). GrC students may use the EPL computers at no charge during EPL Open Hours. Output and printing is handled through UGS Print & Copy (click here for pricing).

Student Discounts

For more information on student discounts for hardware and software, visit Cal Poly's University Store web site to find out more information on student specials, back to school specials, etc.

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