Major Curriculum

The major curriculum of the Graphic Communication Department prepares students for careers in the printing, publishing, and packaging industries. The program pairs hands-on printing experience with general education courses providing students with a broad understanding of traditional printing processes and non-print digital imaging processes.

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GrC Major Curriculum Sheets (one page)

GrC Major Curriculum Course Descriptions

Course Catalog and Course Descriptions

GrC Sequence Chart of Coursework for GrC Majors

All GrC Majors must follow the most current GrC Core & Concentration Prerequisite Sequence Chart regardless of which catalog they are following. This sequence chart does NOT include all of the courses for the degree requirements, please refer to the GrC Major Curriculum for all coursework required. Please see your GrC Advisor for assistance.

GrC Sequence Chart

GrC Tentative Course Offerings 2024-2025

GrC462 - Senior Project

Senior Project Guidelines and Q&A

When to apply: It is strongly recommended that you register for your senior project in your 4th year during any quarter, if possible register during fall or winter, regardless whether or not you have satisfied the pre-req of GWR and STAT 217. 

Pre-reqs: GWR and STAT 217 are prerequisites for Senior project (462). If you can satisfy these prerequisites before you register for senior project that is ideal. We recommend you complete GWR and STAT 217 during your 3rd year so that you can confidently work on your senior project and graduation.

Pre-req "waivers": we understand scheduling could be challenging in your 4th year and working on your senior project during your last quarter could make your scheduling even more challenging. So we allow all students in their 4th year to register for their senior project regardless satisfying GWR and STAT 217.

GrC Senior Project Examples

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