Numerous scholarships are available to GrC students at Cal Poly. Some are based on financial need, others are based on career interest. All are intended to provide specific monetary assistance to students in completing there degree requirements in GrC at Cal Poly.

Where to Begin

Where do you begin? If you need scholarships, you should refer to Cal Poly's Financial Aid web site. The application deadline for Cal Poly scholarships is usually the first week in March. Numerous scholarships are awarded in a process that uses a single application. So, by filling out one application, you are applying for several scholarships including:

Hans Veeder K/P Corporation

GrC Major - 3.0 GPA
Well-rounded, love people, active, w/ emphasis on extracurricular leadership


GrC Major - 3.0 GPA
Demonstrated work experience in print industry

Christopher Frair

DRT concentration
3.0 GPA

Exhibited effort to perform extracurricular design projects

Doc Stapleton Memorial

GrC Major
upper division - 3.0 GPA

Demonstrated interest in printing industry

Bert and Wanda Weeden Graphic Communication

GrC Major - 3.0 GPA

Scitex/Adobe Student

GrC Major - 3.0 GPA

Guy Thomas Memorial

GrC Major - 3.0 GPA
Demonstrates leadership and organizational abilities Interest in career in newspaper industry

Graphic Communication

GrC Major - 2.7 GPA
Financial Need.
Demonstrated interest in activities related to GrC

Hank Apfelberg Memorial

Demonstrated need.
Committment to career in GrC

Graphic Communication Department Leadership

GrC Major - 3.0 GPA
UGS after 3 quarters of employment. Demonstrated leadership: UGS manager, officer in club.

Other Sources of Scholarships

In addition to the scholarships discussed above, several scholarships are administered externally from the Cal Poly Scholarship office, and therefore require separate scholarship applications. These are categorized below..


Numerous general interest scholarships for those interested in the print, prepress, and digital graphics industries. One application for several scholarship opportunities.

Applications Available:
Applications Due: March 1 for HS and April 1 for continuing college students

IPA - Association of Graphic Solutions Providers Scholarship

(formerly the International Prepress Association) has a bit more focus on prepress and computer applications. It is administered through the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation.

Applications Available:
Applications Due: See above


Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) Scholarships

$5000 for a student with specific career interests in the tag or label business (predominantly flexography but may be sheetfed, web offset, or gravure).

Applications Available: Jan 1
Applications Due: March 31
Other: A TLMI co-op helps

Label/Packaging Supplier Council

This $500 award is periodic but does come available occasionally for a Cal Poly GrC student intending to make his/her career in the Label or Packaging industries.

Applications Available: No formal process - faculty recommendation
Applications Due: Sporadic
Other: Contact Professor Keif to express your interest.

Printing Process

Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) Scholarships

$2000 per year for those interested in a career in flexography (predominantly used in the packaging business).

Applications Available:
Applications Due: Mid-March

Gravure Scholarships

Multiple scholarships for those with a specific career interest in gravure printing.

Applications Available: mid-April
Applications Due: early or mid-May

Other Industry Segments

International Newspaper Group (ING)

This group offers one scholarship (usually $3000 per year) to a Cal Poly student interested in pursuing a career in newspaper operations. If you are interested, please notify Professor Keif of your interests.

Applications Available: July - Contact Professor Keif regarding your interest
Applications Due: Mid - August
Other: You are encouraged to attend the ING annual conference in late September. Also, it helps if you co-op in a Newspaper.

EDSF Scholarships

$2000 for those interested in the documents industry (digital printing) and committed to pursuing a career in the field of electronic document communication in the areas of: document preparation, production and/or document distribution, including 1:1 marketing; graphic communication & arts; e-commerce; imaging science, printing, web authoring, electronic publishing, computer science or telecommunications.

Applications Available: January 15
Applications Due: May 15


The Graphic Arts Club of Los Angeles

$500 per year, renewable for up to 4 years. Specifically for those interested in careers in printing and generally for students from Southern Cal.

Applications Available: mid-April in GrC Dept. Office
Applications Due: early-May
Other: Official transcripts required for application. Recipients are asked to attend the GACLA awards dinner in Los Angeles in mid-June.

Printing Industries Association of San Diego

For students from San Diego County interested in pursuing a career in printing: These scholarships have often been for one full-year of tuition and fees.

Applications Available: mid-April
Applications Due: early-May
Other: If you apply, please see this site for information about tuition, books, and fees:

Final Thoughts

A couple of final thoughts: If you are awarded a scholarship, it is important that you find out who provided the funding and send them a thank you note immediately upon notification. Further, it is highly recommended that you stay in contact throughout the year, dropping a periodic e-mail or note updating the donor on your academic progress. This is very important to involve the donor in the giving process. Donors give when they know their gift makes a difference in someone's life.

Also, those organizations that provide criteria related to career interest are donating money to promote their particular industry segment. Please honor that and only apply for those scholarships for which you truly have career aspirations.

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