GrC Minor Curriculum

Are you interested in reinforcing your primary field of study and supplementing your major with knowledge in a dynamic and growing field? If yes, you may be interested in the Graphic Communication Minor.

A minor in Graphic Communication reinforces a student’s primary field of study. Students in the minor program will gain a competitive edge by understanding the concepts of computer programs, desktop publishing, typography, and printing and publishing applications. Because of the department’s reputation and curriculum, there are numerous career opportunities for graduates of the Graphic Communication minor.

  • Students should expect to take three GrC courses per academic year (one course per quarter).
  • After acceptance it should take approximately two years to complete the minor coursework.
  • In order to complete the minor it is appropriate to apply ONLY if you anticipate being at Cal Poly at least two more years.
  • Note: Before applying to the GrC minor you must complete GrC 101 with a grade of B or better.
  • Minimum CPSLO GPA is 3.0.

GrC Minor Coordinator

Xiaoying Rong ( 

GrC Minor Curriculum

GrC Minor Curriculum Flowchart

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