Graphic Communication Minor

GrC Minor - We are not accepting minors for the AY 23/24

A minor in Graphic Communication (GrC) provides students with additional knowledge and skills to their primary field of study. GrC Minor is a supplemental second discipline that complements students' major or personal interests. 

GrC Minor Curriculum

GrC Minor curriculum is structured to give prospective students in other majors a broad experience of the Graphic Communication industry through a small set of courses. There is no particular track or concentration available to the students in the GrC minor program.

The courses included in the minor program focus on two major aspects:

  • Practical skills in working with creative content with a human-centered approach.
  • Technological background for developing and production of both digital and physical graphic communication products.  

The current GrC minor curriculum requires eight (8) courses (27-29 units) with seven (7) required courses and one (1) elective course. A typical length of completing the GrC minor is about 6-8 quarters considering possible course conflicts between student's major and GrC minor. GrC minors have different prerequisites from GrC majors. Please refer to the flow chart to identify the prerequisites of each course.

Application Requirements for GrC Minor

Due to a large number of applications received every year and the capacity limitation of the GrC program, we advise prospective students to consider other minors when they are close to graduation. 

With current capacity, the GrC department will accept eight (8) minors every academic year. The applicants will be evaluated based on the following required criteria:

  • At the quarter (inclusive) of applying
    • with a minimum of 6 quarters remaining before graduation from the major.
    • with a CPSLO Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    • have completed GRC 101 at Cal Poly and earned a grade of B or better.
      • Note: GRC 101 is offered once a year in Fall only.

If all the required criteria are met, applicants are ranked based on CPSLO Cumulative GPA. Once all eight (8) minor seats are filled, GrC minor program will be closed for the rest of the Academic Year and reopen in Fall of the next Academic Year.

Students who transferred to a different major from the GrC program are encouraged to contact the Minor Advisor before applying.

Applications are accepted during the first three weeks of Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarter while there are opening seats. No application is accepted in the Summer quarter.

Open seats are updated every quarter by the end of the 5th week.

Applications are only accepted during the first three weeks of each quarter. Apply HERE

GrC Minor Coordinator

For questions and concerns, please contact Dr. Xiaoying Rong, Professor (  

Office hours and appointment links are listed on the department's Faculty page.


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