Change of Major - 23/24 AY Change of Major is Closed (Graphic Communication) 

Individual Change of Major Agreement (ICMA) with GrC

Students from other institutes or universities interested in studying in Graphic Communication, please refer to Cal Poly's admissions website for admission information.

Students who find that their interests and abilities lead them to a different major after being admitted into Cal Poly can go through the ICMA process and request to change their majors. 

Please refer to Cal Poly's Academic Policies under the Change of Major for more information. For college-specific policies and program information, please refer to College of Liberal Arts Changing Your Major.

ICMA does not accept applications for double-major. Students who do not plan to change their majors are encouraged to consider Graphic Communication Minor or an alternative major. Students interested in adding GrC as a second major, please consult Cal Poly's Double Majors or Degrees policy and meet with the Department Chair to discuss the request.

For more information about the Graphic Communication major and concentrations, please refer to the following sites.

The Graphic Communication Department requires the prospective students to send the Change of Major Eligibility Inquiry through the student portal (Change of Major Portlet) for eligibility evaluation. The purposes of evaluating the eligibility are to:

  • make sure students' interests align with what GrC program offers;
  • ensure no significant delay of graduation;
  • support student success within the department's capacity.

The applicants are expected to discuss how GrC curriculum aligns with their future career goals while being evaluated for Change of Major eligibility. 

The Graphic Communication program is highly impacted. The total number of ICMAs accepted each year is limited. The available seats are published every quarter and can be found at the end of this page. 

The following chart summarized the entire process of Individual Change of Major Agreement (ICMA) with GrC. Please refer to the detailed descriptions after the chart.

Desirable Criteria for Evaluating Change of Major Eligibility with GrC - Closed for 23/24 

  • Have completed at least one quarter at Cal Poly.
  • Have a CPSLO Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Have seven (7) or more General Education courses remaining.
  • Have earned 90 or fewer units (CPSLO Cumulative Units Earned).

Determining Eligibility and Entering ICMA with GrC

  • Review CLA Change of Major policy and process and follow the steps listed.
  • Submit Change of Major Eligibility Inquiry through the student portal, Change of Major Portlet. 
  • Follow up with the department ICMA Coordinator to discuss the request.
  • An Individual Change of Major Agreement (ICMA) will be developed if the student is eligible and there are openings for accepting ICMAs in the current academic year. A typical length of an ICMA is one or two consecutive quarters.

Completing ICMA with GrC

  • The ICMA serves as a contract with terms including the required coursework, minimum GPA, and the length of the ICMA. 
  • Three or more of the following terms are required for the successful transfer under ICMA, 
    • Complete at least two of the following GrC supporting GEs: MATH 118, STAT 217, CHEM 110/111, or PHYS 104/121.
    • Earn a grade of B or better in the required coursework.
    • Achieve a Term GPA of 3.0 or higher for the duration of the ICMA.
    • Upon the end of the ICMA term, the student maintains a minimum CPSLO Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The ICMA will be terminated

  • if a student is on academic probation after the ICMA is developed,
  • ICMA required terms are not met.

ICMA Availability (Update by the 2nd week of every quarter)

The remaining seats for ICMAs are published here for student planning purposes. Acceptance of eligible requests are determined based on CPSLO Cumulative GPA, CPSLO Cumulative Units Earned, remaining GEs, and the order of Change of Major Eligibility Inquiry received.

Students in their second year or above are encouraged to consider an alternative major or GrC Minor if there is no opening. 

For questions and concerns, please contact Department ICMA Coordinator: Dr. Xiaoying Rong, Professor. Office hours and contact information can be found on the department Faculty page.

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